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4a - Huebee: 1-click color picker

Huebee color picker

I've made a new thing! Huebee is a one-click color picker. It displays a limited set of colors so users view all colors at a glance, make clear decisions, and select a color with a single click.

I made Huebee while I was working on Logo Pizza. I added a feature so you can choose your own custom colors for a logo. Looking at other color pickers, I couldn't find what I wanted.

Most color pickers are computer-centric. They are designed to display and select from every possible color available, nearly 17 million. But as a human, you only need a good selection: maybe 6 hues, with several shades, plus a couple grays.

Huebee is Metafizzy's 4th commercial library. The other libraries, Isotope, Flickity, and Packery, are all big, full-featured projects. Supporting them is a lot of work. Huebee mixes that up. Huebee is small and purpose-built — a welcome entry in the Metafizzy product line-up.

4b - Word is Flickity is good

Flickity has been getting good looks from some of the web's top developers.

To top it off, Darin Reid has extended Flickity's scroll behavior to do wild transformations with Flickity Transformer.

Flickity transformer

See the Pen Flickity Transformer by Darin Reid (@elcontraption) on CodePen.

It's a delight to see Flickity getting the attention it deserves. But it didn't happen overnight. It's taken over a year to accrue this level of praise.

And let's not forget, Yeezy uses Flickity.

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