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3a - Logo Pizza delivered

Logo Pizza

After shipping Flickity v2 thus wrapping 2016's huge development project, I didn't have it in me to write another line of code. I discussed my state of mind and motivation in this 3 min podcast.

New thing, shortsightedness on Bumpers

Looking to change things up, I started making logos.

Man, I love logos. A little piece of imagery that represents the ideal you want your project to be — that's design magic right there. I've been able to work on some great logo projects, but I've been itching to do more. Rather than wait for projects to come my way, I gave myself a project of my own: design 50 logos. 50 logos in 30 days.

Fifty logos is a lot. At least one or two a day for an entire month. I tried pushing myself: exploring different styles, subjects, and techniques. It was like design boot camp: working all those muscles you never use.

3d - Holograms

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